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As one of the most beautiful villages in France, Saint-Guilhem-le-Desert is a medieval city which was founded in 804 by William of Orange an abbey became a spiritual step on the Way of Saint Jacques de Compostela.

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Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert - Hérault, FRANCE
Lake Salagou
Lake Salagou - Hérault, FRANCE
The Devil's Bridge
The Devil's Bridge - Hérault, FRANCE
Classified site, Salagou lake, offers a wide possibility of recreational water activities, hiking and horse in a hilly landscape of red rock composed of clay loaded with iron oxide called "Ruffian".
Built between 1028 and 1031 at the entrance of the gorges of the Herault at the place called "dark abyss", the old bridge 50 m long novel spans a steep Hérault river banks at its narrowest point.
Navacelles Circus
Navacelles Circus - Hérault, FRANCE
Le Cap d'Agde
Le Cap d'Agde - Hérault, FRANCE
Thau Lagoon
Thau Lagoon - Hérault, FRANCE
Mourèze Circus
Mourèze Circus - Hérault, FRANCE
Clamouse Cave
Clamouse Cave - Hérault, FRANCE
Local Flavors- Hérault, FRANCE
Local Flavors - Hérault, FRANCE
Located in the perimeter "Causses and Cévennes" Cirque de Navacelles is an ecological and geological wonder. With its 300 m canyon, it offers spectacular views and is home to rare and exceptional fauna and flora.
Ultimate Resort, the Cap d'Agde is leaning against the foot of Mont St-Loup, an ancient volcano, and basks in the Mediterranean. Around the marina, many facilities are sure to countless activities.
Occitan "Estanh Taur" Thau lagoon, with 7500 ha and an average depth of 5 m, is the largest lake in the region plan. More than 600 shellfish establishment there produce mussels and oysters.
Vast circus dolomitic limestone in which erosion has given it birth to immense dolomites, Mourèze reveals real sculptures with strange shapes through various signposted walks.
Discovered only in 1945, the cave of Clamouse has preserved for millennia its underground wonders shaped by the slow and labor incessable water for several million years.
The stimulation of taste buds is not left out, with elegant vines of Languedoc wines, olives, sun-drenched be enjoyed in tapenade or table, not to mention PDO cheeses, emblems of a pastoral tradition.
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